W17, BKH Studio program, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
February - May 2012. www.kunstnerneshus.no

Early Pictures. Variable dimensions.

Fabric montage, charcoal and oil on paper, and objects of wood.







Early Pictures [Red Fruit]. 450x280cm.

 Fabric montage, oil and spray on paper.








The Life, Illness and Death of the Old Man Inside. 380x210x25cm.

Fabric montage, oil and objects of wood.



The Clock. 305x176cm.

Fabric montage, oil and crayon.

Night Poem. 26x31cm.

 Fabric montage and oil.




Wood and fabric, February 27. Variable dimensions.

Fabric montage, oil and object of wood.



Untitled [Karin] and Untitled [Bror]. 338x158cm/324x178cm.

Fabric montage.













































Vierge Moderne. Triptych 166x141cm, 166x302cm,166x102cm.
Fabric montage, oil, charcoal and crayon.
Commissioned work for Kunst i Kunstnernes Hus Bar & Restaurant, May-August.



Vierge Moderne. Triptych 166x141cm, 166x302cm, 166x102cm

Fabric montage, oil, charcoal and crayon.